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Simplify your business and re-energise your enjoyment of treating patients

We offer a range of services, specifically adapted to work according to your ethos and approach to treatments. Explore the options below to learn more about how we can make your life easier and streamline your daily processes, and reach out to become a client.


Don't lose business due the absence of an engaged line. If your clinic gains a significant number of its new patients through search engines, chances are that the potential new patient will just call the next person on the list if they reach an answer machine or a busy-tone that cuts off the call. We know that a clinician's passion and job is to treat patients - not spend all day on the phone!


With Balance VA, you have a dedicated team of Chiropractic Assistants, meaning that your caller will always get through to an informed individual who knows your practice and can thus answer their questions. We gain a rapport with your patients and get to know their lives and their stories, which we believe is so important. We like to get to know your patient base and have the opportunities to say things like “How was the holiday? I bet you’re ready for an adjustment after that long flight!”. In our experience, this does wonders for client retention and patient satisfaction.


Our call answering service is charged per call, not per minute, because we don’t believe in rushing the conversation. You will not be charged for incoming sales calls and wrong numbers - only calls with potential and existing patients are charged.

Talking in Headset
Call answering
Live chat


Need another method of capturing new leads and maintaining communication with your existing patients? Having a live chat function on your website is great for allowing new and existing patients, who may struggle to talk over the phone, to feel like you care about their ability to communicate with you.


Live chat is accessible to people who are hard of hearing or who might not be in an environment where they can talk on the phone. The chat function allows contacts to enter their contact information before the chat begins, meaning that you can register their interest in your services for use in your existing CRM.

For £250 per month we will monitor your incoming live chats* from your website during our opening hours. We responding to any general new client enquiries and existing clients’ appointment-related requests, ensuring that no client feels ignored.

*Must be using the Tawk.To app (which is free!)

Live chat


Once we have gotten to know each other and we understand your requirements, we can monitor your emails and respond to any new or existing patient enquiries you receive. We ensure that your patients are responded to promptly throughout the working day, during our opening hours.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


We are experienced in managing Chiropractic and other MSK clinics, including handling patient communication. Balance VA can help you to set up your clinic the way you envision.


We work closely with PracticeHub (as part of their technical support team) and can’t recommend it enough. We also have extensive knowledge of multiple other practice management softwares, as we use around 7 different booking systems every day. Thus, we can help you figure out the best fit for your practice and guide you on how to organise your clinic during setup.

practice setup


Do you have a spreadsheet of contact information for new leads from lead generation campaigns that you either don’t have time to call or can't call more than once? We can help!

Balance Nurture can take control of new lead management, calling new leads within 15 minutes of sign up and entering them into a sequence of calls, SMS and emails over 14 days. Our Nurture team are the perfect CA- Sales hybrids, receiving training in both areas so they not only know how to 'tic-talk' but how to turn that into a new patient booking. 

new leads


During our opening hours your callers will never get put through to a voicemail box, and will always be answered by a friendly Chiropractic Assistant here at Balance VA.


However, some your practice is likely to receive some calls outside working hours. For this, we can set up a voicemail box to capture incoming calls during closed hours. We also monitor this voicemail box, ensuring that all callers are called back and followed up on.



From experience we've found recalls are often the task left until last, when really you've got a list of potential ready to be nurtured back into care. Our Nurture team can take these patients through a journey, the aim being a conversation to address any reservations they have about booking back in. We do this through calls, emails and SMS with up to four call attempts in a month. Let us rock your recalls, don't leave them waiting!

Girl Using Laptop
Image by Link Hoang


If you’re not yet at the point where you need a virtual CA, but don’t want to leave your phone unanswered if you go away, then our holiday package is the perfect solution.


You get to enjoy a relaxing holiday away, while safe in the knowledge that your patients are being looked after.


Use our services for a one-off week for £110, which includes 50 incoming calls and additional incoming calls charged at £2.50 per call. There is an initial, once-off set-up fee of £50, which enables you to use this service as often as you please. After the initial setup, , just let us know the dates you’ll be away, and off you go!

holiday cover


Balance VA offers an insurance billing service that allows you to accept insurance clients without having to worry about all the admin!


We charge just £2.00 per appointment billed. For such a small expense you can help even more clients, without any of the hassle.

Young Businesswoman
Image by Amy Hirschi


As clinic owners, we value the staff who help us run the clinic, but we often underestimate the amount of admin that comes with managing and compensating our valued team members.


Balance VA provides payroll administration as part of our suite of services. This includes monthly payroll processing, handling staff payroll queries, and managing leave records. Contact us to find out more about our payroll service and how we can simplify the staff compensation process for you.



We know the MSK industry, and work hard to know your practice. With Balance VA, you get all the benefits of an experienced receptionist and CA, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees. Together, we improve the patient journey of the MSK industry.

  • Make practice management simple and affordable

  • Focus on treatments, without worrying about admin or answering the phone

  • Have more time available to treat patients

  • Enable in-depth communication with patients

  • Gain a rapport with your patients and improve satisfaction ratings

  • Limit the potential business lost due to absence of an engaged line

  • Improve your insurance revenue through well-managed insurance claims

  • Take on (more) insurance patients without experiencing the hassle of insurance billing

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