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Balance Virtual Assistance is so much more than a call answering service


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Balance VA


How will I receive notifications?

We send an email every time we make a change to your diary, either directly to the clinicians or to your receptionist. You can even request a different method of communication - we ensure that you always get your messages in your preferred format, straight away. 

When can I divert my calls?

You can activate the divert whenever you require, even on an ad-hoc basis if that works better for your clinic. You don’t need to notify us each time you do! We talk you through setting up a divert if you’re not sure how to do it.

How personalised is your call answering service?

We pride ourselves in promoting your individual practice’s ethos and methods. We communicate with your patients in the same manner that you would, ensuring continuity and flow of your values. 

How well do you know the MSK industry?

Our CAs are fully behind the principles of chiropractic care and understand how its application can benefit overall physical and mental wellness. We can answer your FAQs with confidence and knowledge, ensuring each patient leaves the call fully informed, at ease and prepared to embark on their wellness journey. 

Is your service affordable?

Hiring a receptionist can be expensive and right now you might not be able to justify paying someone to handle calls. Asking other members of the team to answer the phone could be an option but that will take them away from their work and effectively cost you money. A virtual CA is a clever way to give the impression of an efficient, on the ball business, which is exactly what you are. 

What sets your service apart?

At Balance Virtual Assistance, not only do you have a dedicated team of trained Chiropractic Assistants who understand who you are and what you do, but you can also rest assured that your calls are being handled with sensitivity, empathy and the utmost care. We take the time to get to know your patients, engage with them about their hobbies/interests and overall health goals and take the time to really listen to each call being undertaken. 

How will I know how many calls you handle? 

We provide detailed call tracking reports, free of charge, to help you analyse your call statistics and potentially aid your targeted marketing campaigns. 

Is there a minimum length contract?

Nope! If you are on one of our monthly packages, we just require 1 month’s notice of any changes.

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